Working with Consumer Driven Contracts

An interactive session building on the Test Driven Development Session and Acceptance Test Driven Development to explore enforcing contracts between services, in this case communicating over REST/HTTP.

Learning Objectives

During this session, you will gain insight into:

  • How to ensure the APIs you depend on don’t change and accidentally break your applications
  • How to safeguard against accidentally breaking other peoples applications that rely on your APIs
  • How contract testing and other techniques can work together to give you confidence when working with external APIs
  • How contract testing allows you to develop your application confidently without the explicit need for continual integration testing
  • When contract testing can’t be employed and when alternative techniques over other advantages


  1. Introduction (see the slides) (10 mins)
  2. Start coding following the instructions in the underlying repository (?? mins)
  3. Instructor demo of reference implementation (?? mins)

Instructor Notes

See the file in the above repository.